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1743 Selby Avenue
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Rouge Urban Salon
1743 Selby Avenue | St. Paul, MN | 651.646.2675
Emily has been in the hair business since the early 80s. She has seen many exciting changes
through the years. The changes are what keep her passionate about her craft. During the many
years of styling, her clients have become more like friends and family. For  Emily: that is one of
the best parts of being a hairdresser!! Besides cutting,coloring, and perms, Emily can get
creative with up dos for  wedding parties and also perform facial waxing.  Emily works
Wednesday through Saturday.

Zena has been at Rouge since its opening. It was her first job after graduating from the Aveda
Institute in Minneapolis. She loves it so much and hopes to never leave. Zena has a passion for
hair stemming from years of bad styles due to her thick frizzy hair. She wants to help with your
hair and most importantly wants you to love it!  Zena enjoys cutting, coloring and facial waxing.

Amberlie's career revolves around using visions to create styles as individual as you. She
constantly strives for perfection and always wants you to leave the salon happy. She loves her
career and always does her best. Amberlie excels at cutting and coloring any and all hair types.
Amberlie works Wednesday through Saturday.

Kallie began her professional career as a licensed esthetician in 2005. She is a graduate of
The Aveda Institute where she received extensive training in Ayurvedic philosophies,anatomy,
and physiology of the skin as well as advanced waxing techniques. Kallie receives ongoing
advanced training at the International Dermal Institute. She takes pride in giving her clients
outstanding professional services. Kallie works
Monday through Friday and 2 Saturdays a
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